Don't Leave Your Loved ones guessing.

Minor Children and Special Needs Children

Your children are your most precious asset

They need you to be there for them

When they need you the most

Minor Children need Protection


Questions You Need To Ask.


What will happen to your minor children?


Who will take care of them?

Will your business remain intact long enough for them to take over and continue your legacy?


How can you ensure your assets  will be used strictly for them?

Standard Concern by many parents:

Gene, age 35 and Mary, age 32, have three kids and were concerned that the guardian they choose will be the  guardian who will be appointed... They also wanted to ensure their life insurance and other assets, such as their home, cars, savings account, IRA, etc., would be preserved for the benefit of their children. We were able to help.


Special Needs Children need Protection

Questions You Need To Ask.


How do we protect our Special Needs Child should we become permanently incapacitated or deceased?


How do we pass our inheritance to our Special Needs Child without loss of their benefits?

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We had a will that excluded our Special Child and placed our other child in charge of that part of the assets. We became aware that this was not a good decision, we started looking for a Trust. Our Friends recommended we talk to James Worley. He educated us about how a properly prepared trust would preserve our child's inheritance without loss of benefits. We are much more satisfied knowing our estate is safe and our child will be taken care of.                                                         T. Garza


My husband and I did our trust with someone else. When my husband passed away, James Worley helped me to correct several issues in my Trust. Also, he provided me the education regarding the disposition of the assets being distributed to my disabled son. It is very likely, he could lose his government benefits, if he inherited any assets. I am very confident about the educational information I received and confident my son will keep his benefits and my lifetime savings...                                    V. Brown