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Living Trusts

Four Options to settle your Estate:

  1.   Do Nothing ----Don't worry the government, will take care of it for you....

  2.  Do a Will --- Your appointee will be in charge, but the government will still finalize the decisions.


  3. Place my assets in Joint Tenancy. (Put my children’s names on my assets with me).

  1. This creates risk of loss, through divorce or lawsuit, loss of job or large medical bills they can’t pay, etc., your assets can

       be used to satisfy any judgment against them.

  2. This may create a “Gift Tax” and/or additional “Capital Gains Taxes”, you can’t borrow or sell your asset without their

       signature and permission.

  3. You actually lose a lot of control over your own property.


C . Create a Living Trust.

  1. You maintain complete control of your assets.

  2. Passes your assets to your heirs without probate.

  3. Very hard to contest.

  4. Distribution of assets to your children is fast. (most in a matter of weeks)

  5. Protects you if you are incapacitated.

  6. Gift taxes, inheritance taxes, estate taxes*, income taxes and capital gains are reduced or legally eliminated.

  7. Easy to create and simple to maintain.

  8. Will make sure you do not disinherit your grandkids.


American Family Estate Preservation, Inc. is committed to make sure all your rights and all your assets are protected to

the fullest extent allowed. Work with us and you will be pleased you did.

Our meeting does not constitute an obligation. When we meet, we will simply review what a trust does, what it does not do. 

Our goal will be to help you make an educated decision regarding the value of a trust for you and your family.

We're available to answer all your Living Trusts questions.

Please send us an email with any questions you might have.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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We have known James Worley for over 20 years. He has helped us with our trust, insurance and investments. He is always very easy to contact and if we leave a message, he calls back very quickly. We highly recommend James for your Estate Planning, especially when you are not sure and you need more information. He will help you in such a way that you will understand everything, which we did not with others.                                                               R. Remer





Dear James,

As we think back over this past year, you come to mind. We are so grateful for your help in getting Mother and Daddy's affairs in order. You graciously offered your  time and skills multiple times, and it was beneficial to us. Your kindness is deeply appreciated. May your days be filled with wonderful surprises as you greet each day!

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