Don't Leave Your Loved ones wondering what to do next.

The Total Package

American Family Estate Preservation was formed and created with one thought in mind,


"To be there when you need us the most".


Whether you need help in planning for the security of your children, preplanning for retirement income or planning your estate distribution, protecting your assets from loss due to nursing home costs, preserving you assets for your special needs person,or making certain charitable contributions as part of your lifetime plans, we stand ready to work for you.


Retirement planning encompasses the advance knowledge of 'all' the retirement options that are available to you. There is more to share about these options than we can discuss here. 


Estate Planning, that passes your hard earned, lifetime collection of assets to your heirs without outside interference.

We want to help you to discover the various ways available and to accomplish it without outside interference and as quickly as possible! Again, isn't this the most common sense way things should be?

American Family Estate Preservation

"Wants to be there when you need us the most"

We provide solutions in several types of Trusts and are available to answer your questions.

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts 

  • Other solutions designed to ensure your desires are accomplished

We're available to answer all your Retirement Option questions.

There are retirement options that are not shared with you, mostly because most retirement advisors are not aware of them.

Options concerning:

  • What other income options are available?  (other than the three we know about?)

  • What happens if the retiree dies? How can I protect my income?

  • How do I preserve the balance of my funds, if we both die?

The Total Package


A Trust was created and delivered just before Christmas 2017. Our client became ill with the flu and passed away shortly thereafter. The Trust immediately went into action and within a few short weeks, all assets were totally distributed to the beneficiaries. Today AFEPI is helping those beneficiaries with a few items that were not completed in their existing Trusts. We are meeting our goal of "Being there when you need us the most"                                                     J and F