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The Last Will & Testament

What is this thing called “Probate”?

It is the legal process everyone, with a will or without a will, must go through to distribute your assets to your heirs.


Creating your will is a PLAN. .. . however . . . not doing a will is also a PLAN. . . both require Probate.

Facts about Probate:

  1. Can be expensive. Cost can be prohibitive.

  2. Takes anywhere from 9 months to  32 months to complete.

  3. Can be challenged by ANYONE.

  4. Provided no protection of your assets if you are incapacitated.

  5. Should be updated every 3 – 5 years. (Hopefully you won’t forget)



Quote about Probate:


“Probate is. . . slow,  costly,  outmoded, and  unfair. . . a sad state of affairs” 

- AARP Study

Real Situations:

A cry for help. . . . .“I have been working with my brother of over 8 years! It has to do with how to divide Mom’s house. . . he wants to live there and I need the money. He can’t get a loan and I have bills to pay. . . we are at a stalemate. . . the house is crumbling down around our ears! It’s gotten to the point that we don’t talk. What can we do!?

We have been in probate for over a year and the attorney has not released the funds. There is $120,000 in cash assets. We have already paid $4,000 to the attorney and now there is a request for another $4,000!  What can we do?


The bank has frozen over $50,000 of funds that I can’t get to. . . It has only been about 5 months, but I don’t know how to get it released. . .Can you Help?


We answered each of these. Unfortunately, after the fact, it is very difficult to do much. We are working with all three to have their funds released to them.


A good testimonial:

We met with American Family Estate Preservation with our mother. After my mother passed away, while this time was still stressful, the whole process of passing the assets to us went very smoothly and quickly. So much less stress than we had been hearing about from others who went through probate.


American Family Estate Preservation, Inc. is committed to make sure all your rights and all your assets are protected to the fullest extent allowed. Work with us and you will be pleased you did.


Our goal. . . to keep you and just as important, your family from experiencing these actions in the future.


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My brother and I have been involved with probate for over 5 years. My mother's will gave us a house. My brother doesn't want to sell the house and he doesn't want to rent it out. I can't do anything as we are joint owners. I sure wish there had been a trust with provisions to more directly handle this situation.

                                                                                                                                                                M. Anderson