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My first introduction to "Probate" and the problems it created caused me great stress! After 42 months of the probate process, I decided that there 'must' be a better way! After a year of meeting every week or two with an Accountant, and Attorney and myself as an Estate Planner, American Family Estate Preservation was born! Our goal was to protect our clients from the stress and the delay, not to mention the expense of Probate!


Our goals have grown over the years to ensure our clients are educated about what a Will does and what it does not do, and what a Living Trust does and what it does not do! We also strive to help our clients to understand 'how' to maintain their Living Trust properly over the years.


Along with the issues associated with probate comes an additional issue. "Disability". . . whereby a spouse loses control simply because of privacy laws designed to protect them from outside sources. A wife cannot properly take care of her husband or vice versa 'IF' the other becomes incapacitated , , , even for a short period of time ! I found this to be incredulous! But I also know the laws are for our greater protection, so we must plan for such eventuality for our own protection.


Our goal overview is to ensure:

You maintain complete control of your assets.

You pass assets to your children without probate.

Your trust is very hard to contest.

Distribution of assets to your children is fast. (most in a matter of weeks)

If you are incapacitated the Trust protects you.

Gift taxes, inheritance taxes, estate taxes*, and capital gains are legally eliminated.

Your Trust is easy to create and simple to maintain.

Your Trust will make sure you do not disinherit any of your grandkids.

We provide solutions in several types of Trusts and are available to answer your questions.

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts 

  • Other solutions designed to ensure your desires are accomplished

We're available to answer all your Retirement Option questions.

There are options you should know about regarding your retirement options that are not shared with you, mostly because most retirement advisors are not aware of them. Options concerning:

  • What other income options are available?  (other than the three we know about?)

  • What happens if the retiree dies? How can I protect my income?

  • How do I preserve the balance of my funds, if we both die?

I lost my husband last year. James Worley has been helping me with my Trust for over 16 years. The transition of all property, accounts, and assets has been very smooth. I have a Trust because I want the same smooth transition of my assets for my children. I highly recommend James and American Family Estate Preservation.                                            Norma


I call on Mr. Worley all the time. I think I am his pest... but he always answers the phone or calls me back quickly when he doesn't answer the phone. This is something I have never had with other people who have done work for me. I highly recommend James Worley. I think you will be glad you did business with him, just as I am.             Cookie